Friday, 21 February 2014

IT'S CRAZY NOT TO BUY! But, you'll want guidance....

We've seen more changes in the last year than any other time in the History of lending.  From mortgage approvals, to down payments, to the length of time to repay the mortgage loan, to investor financing. 

 The FANTASTIC NEWS is that the rates are LOW!!!   2.55% to 3.99% for 5 years.

Whether you'd like to buy your forever home, or you'd like to start with your first home, there are great options to make it easy.  A good professional can steer you in the right direction.  Flexibility exists through Equity Mortgages and a seldom used but superb product called the Purchase Plus Improvements mortgage.  This is not to be confused with a second mortgage, or a Home Owners Equity loan.  An experienced professional can think beyond the traditional, to find a solution that custom fits your needs with new products that don't compromise your goals.

I welcome inquiries and will gladly sit with you to point you in the right direction!  You may want to continue with a Bank or Credit Union that you know and trust.  There are also some very good Mortgage Specialists that will meet with you in your home, during evening or weekend hours, with a wealth of experience. There is no charge, and often they will pay for your Home Appraisal costs when you buy.  

 Have a Great Day!

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Day 5 of the Olympics has been another fantastic day.  While we slept, our athletes were out there making us prouder than ever.  When it comes to Sportsmanship, Canada sets the standard!
Congratulations to Gilmore Junio the outstanding athlete who gave his place in the 1,000 M speed skating competition to Denny Morrison who then won the silver Medal!  Denny was really pumped and the Canadian Team must have been on top of the world when Denny won the silver.  This was Canada's first long track medal of the games.  Three cheers and the Team Sportsmanship Gold Medal to Gilmore!
Coach Justin Wadsworth gave a spare ski to Anton Gafarov so that he could finished his semi final cross-country sprint.  Fantastic!  Gafarov courageously finished the race.  
One of our Canadian ladies was helped in a previous Olympic race by a Norwegian Coach who gave her a ski pole to finish her race.  She then went on to medal. What a great standard to set for the rest of us!  
We've all visited Huntsville Ontario and it's one of my favourite places in Ontario.  Congratulations to Huntsville's Dara Howell for her successful slopestyle race bringing a Gold Medal back to Canada.  Dara's team mate Kim Lamarre won a Bronze. 
Go Canada Go!  I'm so proud to be a Canadian!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sochi 2014 - Tuesday February 11, 2014 Medal standings

                    Gold       Silver     Bronze      Total
Norway          4             3            4             11
CANADA      4             3             2              9   GO CANADA GO!
Germany        4             1             0              5
Netherlands    3             2             3              8
USA               2            1             4              7

Congratulations to all our athletes!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Professional REALTOR

I was honoured this year when my very successful Broker congratulated me on achieving the Tops Sales for 2013 within our company.  Thanks Sally!
Real Estate sales is not just a job to me.  It is my passion.  Every day.  Every week.  It will be for years to come.  

My success in part, comes from partnering with leading Niagara professionals that provide outstanding services. I have fantastic IT  support from Ana with my web design.   None of us at McGarr Realty could imagine getting by without our Office Administrator, Emma.  Thanks Emma! 

This Blog will post information that will be helpful to home owners, First Time Buyers, and mature home owners considering a lifestyle change.  I am here to answer questions and would love to hear from everyone.  

Have A Great Day!  In fact, Have Your Best Day Ever!    

- Janis