Wednesday, 6 January 2016

How virtual reality could better connect buyers with properties for sale

Canadian real estate could soon be donning headsets and touring upcoming condo developments in virtual reality by turning floor plans of new developments into 3D, immersive mockups that can be experienced in virtual reality, according to the founder of a Toronto-based technology firm. Potential buyers can now, from the comfort of their own home, view any floor plan that they want, with the finishes they want, and feel like they're actually inside that home.

Rather than building model suites, the building company uses technology to create virtual reality mockups of its upcoming development providing a significant cost saving for the company.

While the appeal of immersive tours for foreign buyers is obvious, REALTORS note that the technology has benefits for local home buyers, as well. For example, it can help a home-hunter narrow down his or her list of options, ultimately cutting down on the amount of time spent driving around town touring homes.

Source: CTV news