Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Making your home's First Impression a GREAT one!

I'm talking about Staging!  There cannot be too much emphasis on how important this is.  You have one chance only to make a First Impression and get your house sold without leaving any equity behind. 
All my clients get a Complimentary Staging Consultation ($250 value), that I pay for.  Understanding today's buyer, my Professional Team can transform your home into a marketable product.  Statistically, staged homes spend less time on the market.  Design tactics make your home appeal to a wider audience.

Benefits of Staging:
                WOW today's buyer in 10 to 15 seconds
                Sell Faster
                Make More Money

A full service Staging Professional offers knowledge and expertise about current trends and today's buyer.  They have affordable and skilled trades people who can tackle everything from counters, flooring, electrical, painting etc. quickly and economically.  Need a splash of colour?  They have the solution.  Empty or awkward spaces?  Easily give that space some meaning.  Empty house?  Full modern furniture rentals, delivered and set up.

As we say... Expect To See It Sold!