Monday, 31 March 2014

Choosing a REALTOR

TIP #1

When you begin searching for the right REALTOR for you, always interview more than 1 person.


A REALTOR must go well beyond traditional MLS listing services to secure your buyer.  Expect a detailed Marketing Strategy to attract serious buyers.  Beware of low commission structures.  This usually equates to the least amount of service and a low or no existent marketing budget from the REALTOR.

TIP #3   

Factors that will determine the success of your sale are:
- Price, location and the condition of your home.
- Presentation of your home
- Market exposure
- Appeal.  Creating appeal influences the amount of money you will end up with in your pocket.

TIP #4

MARKET Value is based on location, condition, features, size.  What have previous buyers of similar homes been willing to pay for a similar home?   That's pretty basic!   Ultimately the value of your home is determined by what a Buyer will be willing to pay for it. 
Who is the best choice to achieve the highest value for your investment? 
Who will:  Employ a professional team to influence and create the appeal you need?   Invest of themselves financially for your sale?  Commit to a plan and execute it?  Offer sound advice?   Target specific marketing to the appropriate demographics?  Plan strategic advertising?
This will be your most important decision!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Good photos are a must for your marketing of your home.
I have seen some MLS homes for sale with surprisingly bad photos.  Hire a realtor who deals with professionals, including a photographer.
Often the photographer will have their own web site that will drive additional traffic to your home.  The same goes for the professional stagger.
Photos should be taken at mid day.  All lights should be on, and window coverings open.  There should be no vehicles in the driveway.