Monday, 31 March 2014

Choosing a REALTOR

TIP #1

When you begin searching for the right REALTOR for you, always interview more than 1 person.


A REALTOR must go well beyond traditional MLS listing services to secure your buyer.  Expect a detailed Marketing Strategy to attract serious buyers.  Beware of low commission structures.  This usually equates to the least amount of service and a low or no existent marketing budget from the REALTOR.

TIP #3   

Factors that will determine the success of your sale are:
- Price, location and the condition of your home.
- Presentation of your home
- Market exposure
- Appeal.  Creating appeal influences the amount of money you will end up with in your pocket.

TIP #4

MARKET Value is based on location, condition, features, size.  What have previous buyers of similar homes been willing to pay for a similar home?   That's pretty basic!   Ultimately the value of your home is determined by what a Buyer will be willing to pay for it. 
Who is the best choice to achieve the highest value for your investment? 
Who will:  Employ a professional team to influence and create the appeal you need?   Invest of themselves financially for your sale?  Commit to a plan and execute it?  Offer sound advice?   Target specific marketing to the appropriate demographics?  Plan strategic advertising?
This will be your most important decision!

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